Gotta keep going

Blog Post created by Ashley1985 on Jan 10, 2020

I'm 99 days smoke free.  I've had to deal with health issues being on steroids for 2 straight months.  I knew that I was going gain weight.  I had some really stressful triggers with family issues to where I was upset and crying and really wanted to smoke.  I told myself no matter what I cannot go back to smoking.  I stopped drinking coffee and started drinking tea.  A couple of weeks ago I decided to drink some coffee.  I hadn't had a cup since my quit.  I had a cup and it wasn't that bad. I haven't gained weight so far from quitting.  I'm snacking on low calorie snacks.  I started eating pistachios will are expensive but a good trade for a cigarette.  Stay strong ex people.  This site is the reason I'm doing so well.