Day-by-Day: 1227+ and counting!

Blog Post created by ArmyLifer98 on Mar 24, 2017

Had one of those inexplicable urges for a cigarette tonight.   1227+ days and you'd think that it was beat down by now.  

Not really out of the blue though.  

Honestly, We were talking about the '' website  because my wife was recommending it to someone she was chatting with while on Giraffe birth-watch (April the Giraffe). She asked me for the URL to here and how long it had been since I quit.  I had to come look to check the stats.  I logged in for the first time in about two years.   As I looked over the new site (Jive is a great platform -- great job!) I could suddenly could smell cigarette smoke.   


I found it somewhat amusing to consider that at this point 3 years 4 months and 9 days into this quit that I still experienced such moments - and that is all they are -- moments - and another day quit.   You get by using whatever coping methods work for you and invent new ones if needed.   But you don't smoke. 


Tomorrow is my wife's birthday .. She'll go get her hair done, a pedicure - a manicure - the works.  We'll go out to dinner and to a movie.  And I'll be here with her still - alive and in generally good health for being 60 now.  I started riding a bike this last year - been intermittant due to the weather but I'm riding more and more.  Big goal in a couple years is to ride from Pittsburg, PA down to Washington DC - 330 miles overr 5 days and nights.  (Allegheny Gap trail  - camping and hotel stops along the way). I'm nowhere close to that kind of thing yet.. longest ride to date was a 25-miler several months back.  But the goal is there and I will attain it.   It's like the decision you've made to quit smoking -- build your plan - and execute it.  


I wish for you all the strength in the world to make this a successful quest.   I can only say that it is worth every breath.



SSG, US Army, Retired.