Learning to Do this Journey the Right Way

Blog Post created by Apanlilio on Dec 30, 2019

Hi fellow Ex'ers!!


My name is Apanlilio I am 21 years old and on the journey of quitting Nicotine. I have been smoking a juul since I was 19, when my friends thought it would be funny to get me to hit one. Not to divert blame onto them, just never really had the desire try nicotine before then. After trying a Juul one time, I was pretty much instantly hooked. I had no idea what nicotine was and basically was always told that it was safer than cigarettes therefore it is okay to do it. The further along I went in college the more I just kept smoking it without realizing I had bought one for myself then used it for everything in my life. To get out of bed. To deal with stress. To wake up for classes. To stay alert with doing homework. Now its been two years and I realized I couldn't go more than maybe 15 minutes without "hitting" it otherwise I would have the worst panic attack I had ever experienced. I also realized I can't hike anymore, can't go on long walks anymore, can't go on runs. Everything feels too hard and makes me feel like I can't breathe. Since becoming addicted to it, I have been in a perpetual state of always being sick. Always coughing, runny nose, heart palpations, etc. Hiking and being outdoors for extended periods of time used to be my favorite thing, and now I feel it was just ripped away. 


I'm really really tired of this device controlling every aspect of my life. I have tried to quit many times (4 times to date) with not much luck. Since finding you all, I really hope I can put it down once and for all and NOPE. 


Starting to wean myself off now. Tried cold turkey a couple times to no avail, always ended up breaking down and buying another. My friends always tell me there is no point in quitting when I will be at school anyway, and should just quit when I am done with college, but do not want to wait this long. Now I have been just buying Nicotine Juice with lower and lower nicotine content to hopefully quit. Anyone have any other tips to rid this awful device of my life? I just want to be healthy again and a healthy role model to my younger ten year old brother that looks up to me.

Thank you and love to you all. 

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