Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Sep 19, 2020

Every single time I think about smoking (and yes, the thoughts do pop up now and then) I remember how many Days of Freedom I've already fought for and WON.  I know with every molecule of my being that one cigarette will completely erase all that work. The addiction lies in wait, ready at an instant to spring back into action, to capture my soul and body back into into its sick clutches. No. I will not satisfy that momentary urge, that nano-second of despair, and give up the greatest gift I have ever given myself.


Tomorrow is my comma day. It is a boulder of a milestone I will stand proudly and tall on. I will never give up this freedom, no matter how many pandemics strike, how many pillars of civil liberty fall, what ever the obstacle thrown onto the path.


For every Elder who has taken this journey before me, THANK YOU.

For every Newbie or NML inhabitant coming after me, keep looking forward.