No more tobacco in drug stores

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on May 20, 2020

The sale of flavored e-cigarettes ended in New York State on Monday, as did the sale of all tobacco products in pharmacies. These are huge steps forward in helping New Yorkers live free from nicotine addiction.


I've often wondered why drug stores, presumably all about your good health, would sell cigarettes in the first place. 

Now, in New York State anyway, they can't anymore.


The ban against flavored e-cigs is all about the battle for our teens, who love that stuff.  My own granddaughter (now 18) started smoking those, and now smokes the full-flavor tobacco cigs full time. It saddens me.




UPDATE on  my own MENTAL HEALTH (speaking of sadness):


I had previously posted about feeling unusually and more deeply sad. It lasted too long for my own coping mechanisms to overcome. I called my doctor and had my anti-depressant increased a bit. It helped enormously. It's perfectly okay to be sad. It is not okay to be sad nonstop for over a week.