My Biggest Reason

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 22, 2020

With this Covid-19 isolation bringing us down, I could totally see reaching out for anything to make it a little easier.

Lately I'm obsessed with yarn. I've pretty much used up every scrap I had and now I'm waiting for more to ship to me. 

No more casual trips to Walmart!


Even after well over 2 years quit, the fleeting thought of smoking creeps in whenever I'm super bored. And believe me, I am super bored right now.  But you know what else creeps in right after that?  My Biggest Reason of all to never smoke ever again:


My home would stink.


I've never smoked in this cute little apartment. If cigarette smoke ever entered this domain it would ruin life as I know it forever. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Even vaping smoke would ruin it, in my extremely humble opinion.  And that's enough of a reason for me.


When I first quit, the smell of my shampoo gave me the greatest dopamine hit to keep me going. To me, there's just nothing better than a wonderful fragrance. I still spritz my perfume on myself every morning, even though I'm not going anywhere!


So I WILL NOT destroy the atmosphere of the only sanctuary I have. Even being super bored. I'd rather unravel a blanket and start all over again to keep my hands busy LOL!