Change is HARD

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 15, 2020

We're all living in a change we did NOT choose.  No one asked my permission to bring a worldwide pandemic into my life and force me to do this social distancing thing. This is hard. No matter what happens now, life as we know it has been changed forever. We're going to have to readjust to this whether we want to or not.



Usually we change when circumstances become intolerable otherwise.

If we can't stand our roommates, we move.

Hate the job or career choice.

A really bad relationship.

COPD or other chronic illness.


It may take some pros and cons lists, and soul-searching, and planning, but when we want to change, we change.

But it's never easy.

No matter how hard our current situation might be, it's a human tendency to rationalize it rather than change it. 


The familiar is just so much easier to live with. We know it. We deal with it daily. We've become used to it. 

We're a little bit lazy, get right down to it.


Change is a leap into the unknown.  Adventure. Excitement. But also...

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Fearful. Terrifying. Anxiety-producing.


So if you're contemplating the Big Quit, it's okay to feel those feelings. And like all changes, it helps to do the planning ahead of time to quiet those feelings. It's okay to be not okay. And it's okay to know that it will BE okay. It just doesn't feel like that right now.


If you're in No Man's Land, journeying through the desert well on your way to your Elder status, take heart!

You've made huge changes already and you've not only survived, you are thriving!

It may not feel like it right now, but know that you are living through enormous change and you're crushing it.



You're afraid, but you keep going anyway? You know you have to change, you hate the idea, but you're keeping on the path?


You're a HERO!