Quitting in Quarantine

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Mar 27, 2020

Hello from my apartment! Here in this tiny space I am creating a whole new world, and it does not include cigarettes or nicotine of any kind.  Here we go.


My coffee in the morning is served in bed, because why not?  What's the hurry to get up?  I leisurely sip my coffee, watch the news while snuggled under the covers.


To shower or not to shower? Depends on what day it is and where I'm (not) going. Seriously, though, it's a major part of my decision-making every day. Bottom line - every other day or so.


The MAILMAN IS HERE!!  What joy. Catalogs to look at, bills to put away for later, stuff to throw out. Things to do!!


Am I face timing with family today? Put on some makeup, do my hair. Have a good breakfast. Diet?  HA HA HA!!!! Eggs and hash browns, or Eggos, or okay some days it's oatmeal I'm not totally giving up.


Plan the rest of the day. Got a project going? GET ONE.  I'm back to crocheting up my supply of yarn.  After that I will probably start reorganizing closets. Have to have something to do in the afternoons. Ideas, anyone else?


DINNER TIME. For me, it's always a challenge to cook for one and make it interesting. I text a neighbor friend who is also a widow and we share dinner ideas. It helps. Tiny meatloaf? One chicken thigh on rice? Some enhanced Ramen noodle stuff maybe.


(I always forget about lunch because I'm so leisurely in the mornings.  Usually around 3:00 or so I have tea and scones. Really. My local grocery has scones.)


Evenings I am lately finding new gems on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  I was never one for watching comedies, but I am now! We absolutely need comedies and other stupid things to get our minds off of what's happening in the world.


Sleep well! No need to worry about tomorrow. No need to get up early. No place to go, no important things to do. Relax and take it easy.


Reread this and try to fit in smoking anywhere. YOU CANNOT.  I will not allow it, and neither should you.