Spirit Talk

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jan 25, 2020

After two years smober, I can finally enjoy a nice glass of wine occasionally. During the first year I could not. One drink at the first Easter family dinner almost derailed me, so I didn't attempt it again for quite a long time.  Even now I'm not certain I could spend an entire evening out drinking with friends.  I can easily imagine going outside half drunk and a "gimme a drag" happening. [shudder]  Too scary to contemplate!


We get impatient with ourselves, so we tempt fate a little bit. I get it. You want to know your limits. But keep yourself alert to danger at every step. That's the key to learning vs. being stupid.


Spirit talk. Spirit, as in what we drink physically. Spirit, as in what we drink emotionally. Sometimes they go together. 

What are you feeding yourself? 


During my first year quit I fed myself knowledge. I drank in all the wisdom on here and on other sites, and I let it nourish me. I held up a mirror and looked at my addiction with new eyes. I learned and grew (I hope).  I tested some limits as much as I could tolerate, a little at a time.


Right now my spirit feels strong. I can branch out and learn new ways of living my life without nicotine. I can handle whatever comes up without ever a thought of smoking. If you're new to your quit, keep that thought in mind as a goal. It's a worthy one, and you are a person worthy of it.