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In the beginning it's all about survival. Get through this minute, this hour, this day and survive to do it again tomorrow.

You talk to yourself. You find distractions.  100+ Things to do instead of smoking / vaping / chewing 

  • Say, "I don't do that anymore"
  • Maybe find Tootsie Pops or straws to put in your mouth
  • Change routines, throw things away

 See how ugly and awful smoking really is.


One week! You get through "Hell Week" and celebrate! After seven days it's about more than survival. It's about willingness to keep going. You need tools.

  • Keep your hands and mind busy
  • Think "I don't do that anymore"
  • Read everything on this site



30 DAYS of FREEDOM is an awesome milestone! It's like a boulder to climb up on and look back at all you've accomplished. Sure, there are intense cravings still. It's an addiction after all, and you've educated yourself well. Now you can read No Mans Land Days 30 to 130 (approximate) to keep yourself on the right road.

  • Buy yourself a gift
  • Write a 30-day blog
  • Remind yourself how free you are now


90 DAYS!! At 90 days there is just NO WAY to turn back. Look at all those huge boulders behind you! You climbed all those. And now the memories of smoking are popping up all over the place in every situation, but you can acknowledge the memories (like a fond old friend long gone, if you like) and then move on. That's not you anymore. 

  • Tell everyone you know how proud you are
  • Prepare yourself for holidays and special occasions The Two Sets Of Seasons 
  • Don't be afraid of triggers. Learn from them.


ONE YEAR = Become an Elder. You have arrived, and here's your key:

You've learned, you've shared experiences, you've survived, and you've grown past this horrible addiction. Are you finished? NO! 

  • Stay here and help others quit
  • Work to keep your quit precious
  • Never ever go back, No Matter What!


No Matter What, Never Give Up 


And always remember this:



We are here for you, and you can do this!