Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Dec 9, 2019

Thanks to Family-Who-I-Love-So-Much (especially the little ones) I have been SO SICK. I admit, I did tempt the fates when I thought just last week how long it's been since I had a really bad cold. HA! Never do that. But it also made me think about when I used to smoke while sick. How on earth did I do that??


I have very clear memories of having severe coughing fits, to the point of teary eyes and burning throat, and then lighting up a cigarette right after. It's crazy how this addiction keeps us in its thrall. Right now I've been taking medication every four hours and getting rest and drinking fluids, etc. etc., and I cannot IMAGINE inhaling anything into this mess.


I am blessed to not have to deal with COPD or bronchitis or pneumonia. For those who do, my heart breaks for your suffering.