So...Happy December

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Dec 3, 2019

I've been away, away, away...In Boston for a bit longer than expected to due a "weather alert" that American Airlines happily and helpfully alerted me to and gave me options for free of charge, of which I have availed myself, but there is a limit after all so...back home tomorrow I go.


And so... happily not smoking at my daughter's chaotic home, with happy children and happy husband and happy other house guest also snowed in temporarily and wouldn't it be awful if I had to go out in it and bring the stink back in with me!


There's a mouse in the house. Literally. And he happily avoids all attempts at traps, peanut butter and otherwise. And so...we watch it venture out when it thinks it's all clear but NO! SCOOT! Kind of funny until you realize it will destroy the house eventually.


I will ask for updates when I get home. Home. A week and half is quite long enough for me to be away.