How to think yourself FREE

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jul 8, 2019

It's not willpower. It's not sheer force of will or strength that will get you quit.

It's your brain. However you do it, whatever it is that keeps you from smoking, that's what you think about every time you crave nicotine. Here's an example:

1.  I crave nicotine.

2.  I have no cigarettes ( or vaping stuff, or whatever).

3.  I got rid of all the stuff in my house and car and really want to not smoke.

4.  I can say "I don't do that anymore."

5.  If I go out to get cigarettes, I will lose my quit.

6.  If I smoke even ONE cigarette, I will continue to smoke as much as I used to.

7.  If I smoke again, I will stink, I will get sick, I will feel bad.

8.  If I smoke again, I will have to quit again.


I quit during the winter, so my thoughts looked like this:

1.  I want to smoke.

2.  I don't have any cigarettes.

3.  I can go get cigarettes.

4.  It's cold and snowing.

5.  I don't want to go out.

6.  I'll find something else to do.

7.  Crochet a blanket, watch TV.

8.  Repeat until Spring.


You absolutely HAVE to think in a progression like that. Find the most meaningful thing to think about that will keep you from smoking.  Right now, after a year and a half, if I ever have even a little memory twinge of smoking (which is getting more and more rare!), I immediately think about how great my hair smells.  Vanity totally works for me.


What works for YOU?