Wedding Joy

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jul 6, 2019

I was charming and beautiful and helpful. My stepdaughter was gorgeous, my family was wonderful, the family I didn't want to see stayed away from me. It was absolutely fabulous in every way. Except it was about 90 degrees and the humidity was just as high.

 My granddaughter, stepdaughter, new son-in-law!


I watched many going out to the patio to smoke and wilt. Never once was I in any way tempted. I thoroughly enjoyed my champagne and my roast beef and the company of lovely people.


When asked once how I'd stayed motivated during the early days of my quit, I pulled a lock of hair around to my nose, breathed in deeply, and said, "I can finally smell all the great scents, like my shampoo."  


On her way home, my granddaughter stopped at my husband's grave and left her wedding flowers for him.


My daughter and 1st son-in-law and my two grandson babies left to go back to Boston and I restored order to my house. All is well.