Stop and Think

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jul 3, 2019

My granddaughter graduated a year early last week and I sat with her father's family who I can't stand, and my family's coming from Boston tomorrow and I'm not quite ready I have to do laundry and shopping, and my stepdaughter's wedding is Friday and oh yeah is there even a rehearsal nobody's told me and I have a cold sore on my lip that's healing too SLOWLY and I really hope my hair turns out okay and the stepdaughter's OTHER FAMILY hates me so I have to avoid them and OY VEY! My anxiety has been out of control this week. I've had to take a lot of ibuprofen and I'm not sleeping well. 



After I quit smoking I've had to learn all over again how to cope with this kind of stuff. Write it out, talk about it, and most of all think about it. Emotions feel like a runaway train but we can have control over them if we STOP and THINK.


Graduation's over, I survived, all is well.


Lots of time today to do laundry and shop.


You absolutely adore your family and can't wait to see them.


F**k those a**holes everybody else loves you.



You're gonna look beautiful and happy.


You have great makeup.


And even better?  YOU WON'T STINK!!