The Village

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 30, 2019

You've made it through No Man's Land! Congratulations! Now what?


There are more milestones up ahead, of course. Six months, Nine months, First Year (6% Club)...


How to best use your time right now?  How about The Village of In-Between? That's the time between NML and 6%.

In the village you'll hone your skills at identifying triggers, preparing for the sudden, out-of-nowhere crave, and learn to live your new life of FREEDOM.  Just as an example, this is where I learned that the Wine Shoppe is off limits for me, but the Beer Garden isn't. Weird, right?


If you're now in that time frame of approximately 130 days to that first year, chime in. Let's talk. What's going on? What new thing are you learning? What struggle is tough right now?