STOP SMOKING. That's it.

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 7, 2019

I came here to quit smoking. And it worked. It absolutely worked, and it still works. There's no way I'd have stayed motivated to keep my quit precious without this community. The focus on quitting was (and is) intense and real and amazing. And since we all get to know each other as human beings, we also talk about what's new in our lives, or what's stressful and may affect the quit in some way. I'd never tell anyone what to write about or how to write or any of that, but I will say this: I generally don't read or respond to blogs that don't interest me. I'm sure lots of folks are the same way. What interests me most here is how people stay quit while living their daily lives. So, yeah, I kinda agree with that unwritten rule about keeping the blogs related in some way to our nicotine addictions. That's why we're here, yes?