The Village of In Between

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Mar 8, 2019

Here at Become An Ex we have some really great ways to create milestones and imaginary visual aids to celebrate the quit journey:


1st Week = Hell Week

10 Days = Double Digit Club

100 Days = Triple Digits Club

30 to 120 Days = No Mans Land


1st Year = Becoming an Elder, or the 6% Club (6% of quitters make it one year)

2nd Year = 2% Club (2% make it this far)


By the way I always took those odds as an extreme challenge!  Don't tell ME I won't make it to the 2% hahaha.


***So in between NML and 6% there are 8 whole months between.  I've visualized that time as a Village. After traversing the desert with all its pitfalls, the Village is a welcome respite, where one can leisurely learn how to live nicotine-free at family events, holidays, working, etc. Also it's a safe place to find out what your triggers are.  I found out I can't drink wine anymore, so I steer clear of the village liquor store.


It's not free of pitfalls, of course, because no place truly is, but at least the intensity is gone and some semblance of peace and order has been established. For anyone currently in the Village, or rapidly approaching, I'd be happy to give a tour