How I Did It

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jan 10, 2019

There are as many quit stories as there are members here. No single method will work for everyone. Having said those two things, I believe it's worthwhile to know what worked for other people so you can pick and choose your own way.  Here's mine:


I smoked for 45 years, at least a pack a day. I live less than an hour's drive to the Seneca Nation Reservation where cartons of their own brand were about $20 with no state taxes. I'd go once a month, buy 4 cartons at a time. They had cheap gas, too. I kind of miss that part.


In September 2017 I had a carton left and a decision to make. I went online and ordered a Juul apparatus (vape system) and a large supply of nicotine juice pods for it. I smoked the remaining packs of cigarettes, then got rid of all ashtrays and lighters and cleaned the house and car really well. The switch to vaping was smooth and uneventful.


I know that Juul is in the news a lot now and it's a pretty crappy thing to do full time instead of smoking. I had a plan to limit the use to only a few months and then switch to lozenges (which I hated, more later). I actually found the vaping was harder to quit than smoking was because it was delicious, didn't smell, and it would be SO easy to justify.


BUT it's expensive, and my nicotine juice pod supply ran out just before Christmas. I knew it would, so I'd bought the aforementioned lozenges prior to traveling to Boston for the holiday. I threw away all the Juul equipment, and brought the lozenges with me. It absolutely helped that I was going out of town.


I used them for exactly 2 days. They taste terrible, they're slimy and gross and I couldn't see how they helped at all. On Christmas Day 2017 I threw them away, too.  I had a few days of being really weird at my daughter's house, then I had a few weeks of being weird at home. I found this site in January 2018 and it saved me from myself.


Also, I crocheted up a storm and to date I think I've given away at least 8 blankets.