Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Dec 23, 2018

...days to go!


One of the biggest changes for me in the past year has been my diet. I found that without nicotine my body just didn't work the same way, which was an unexpected side effect for sure. I can no longer eat red meat, or drink regular milk, for instance. So in a way the lack of nicotine has forced me to eat healthier.


But in another way, it hasn't. Too much sugar! I craved sugar like never before, and I gave in to it because it was much more important to ease nicotine cravings. So no regrets, but now it's time to stop. As with milk and meats, my stomach is calling the shots here. It's saying "enough"! 


Just in time for New Year's resolutions I'll be adding sugar addiction to my list of things I don't have to feed anymore. FREEDOM!