20/20 Vision

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Dec 5, 2018

It's 20 DAYS until one year for me! So, with 20/20 vision, I look back at where I've been.


One Tough Day won't Kill Me  I love this post because I totally talked myself in and out of things, like I see so many do on here. We have to keep listing the pros and cons of everything!


I'll Never be an ELDER  Psych. I knew I'd make it to a year, I was just laying the groundwork for low expectations of myself! 


Law of Addiction  Faith comes in many flavors.


True Confession I vaped for a short time but never considered that "quitting" because it's all about nicotine, in whatever form.


Be true to your teeth... It's not just COPD you have to look out for when you smoke.


Not a lot more to say on this countdown today. Still haven't bought myself a gift yet. Hmm...