25 "Miles" To Go

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Nov 30, 2018

I'm standing on the road out of the village, but instead of looking ahead at the EX Mountain, I'm looking back at where I've been.


At 18 DOF I was already breathing better, and my lungs were beginning to heal.

Lung Pain 


When I made it to 30 days, just entering the desert of No Man's Land, I marked the occasion with tangible gifts to myself so I could feel them and remember why I was traveling this road.



While in the desert, I learned what was important to me. I learned what I needed to avoid and what I needed to pay attention to. And I realized just how important this journey is.

Consider the Alternative 


Turning back around to look ahead, I can see that the road continues. It certainly won't end at my one year anniversary! But I will celebrate this milestone and reward myself in some special way so that I will know deep in my heart that this is who I am now.


I need to use this time to shop for a village souvenir!