Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Oct 18, 2018

We will give you all the secrets to quit smoking forever! That's how it works. Put on a patch, quit for good! Use medication, be free! And vaping will now and forever be the magical way to safely smoke. Huzzah! What addiction?


Have you done the reading suggestions about addiction? Do you know how it REALLY works? There IS no magical cure. There ARE no secrets to being free. It's completely up to you and how much you want it and how hard you're willing to work for it.


Because make no mistake, it is hard work to be free from addiction. It is uncomfortable for awhile in the beginning. And it takes focus and commitment from then on. That's why we have slogans to remind us not to smoke.


S.I.N.A.O. = Smoking Is Not An Option. Repeat in your mind, over and over.

N.O.P.E. = Not One Puff Ever. Not one. One drag on one cigarette will reactivate your addiction. Believe it. Read the stories about relapse.


Use the search tool on this site for any and all topics you want. You will find others who have gone through exactly what you need to hear about right now. You can also find positive things to look forward to in your dark days. Because there are some. Believe that.


There's no ABRACADABRA that will move you from Day One ("Day Won") to being a EX Elder in the 6% Club, with one year quit behind you. You have to walk that road yourself. 


Believe in the magic of the journey. Count each step with rewards for yourself. Meet other travelers on the same road, reaching forward for help, reaching behind yourself to offer your hand. Feel the satisfaction of that deep breath.