Using Milestones

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Sep 25, 2018

They don't call it the "6% Club" for nothing. Only 6% of quitters make it to a year. That's a fact. I want to be in that club. If you do, too, here's one way to think about it.


Milestones. Thirty days. Ninety days. Six months. There's a good reason that AA gives out coins for those. As we feel proud of the accomplishments we can use them as backstops.  I like to visualize milestones as actual stones to stand on.


Day One is like a stepping stone. The choice to step onto Day One is powerful and empowering. One Week is a bigger stone. It's more stable, and encouraging. Hell week is over!


When I leave those behind and walk towards the 30 Day stone it looks huge! So when I reach it, climb onto it, I know I've done a REALLY GREAT THING. It's a  foundation to stand firm. I do NOT want to lose that stone. I want to feel it always at my back, supporting me. It now belongs to me.


I can now see the 90 Day stone. It is raised, so I can keep my eyes on it as I walk through No Man's Land. It keeps me grounded and on the trail. Once there, I can turn and look back at where I've been.  WOW! I can brag about how far I've come, and I can stand so tall! The end of the desert is in sight. I pick up a stone to hold onto to remind me of my 90-day journey.


Up ahead is "Inbetweenerville". Okay, I made that up. It's the village standing between the desert of No Man's Land and the 6% Club. In the village is the 6 Month Milestone.  Entering the village is a breath of fresh air, the smell of flowers, the lure of pretty shops, a new trail of cobblestones. It eases the mind. The desert is behind me, and it was worth traveling through it. The village is bigger than it looks, though, and it has its own pitfalls. I'll be here for a long time, and I'll have a lot to learn about guarding my quit.


When I stood on the 6 Month stone, taking in the panorama around me, I could breathe very deeply, take in every pleasurable aroma, and know in my soul I didn't want to go through that ever again. Between six months and one year are a lot of challenges. Wine, holidays, friends, social gatherings, emotions...they're all here, waiting.


Stand firm when you need to. Then keep walking forward.