BOLO in the Village

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Aug 4, 2018

I saw a Juul in an Inbetweenerville store yesterday. If you aren't familiar, Juul is a vaping system that uses disposable pods of flavor and nicotine. It's what I used between the time I stopped smoking cigarettes and when I gave up nicotine entirely. I mention this because it triggered some very seductive memories.


Even though the Village is located between the desert of No Man's Land and the 6% Land of Becoming an Elder, there are absolutely some places that should be avoided by some people.  For example, liquor stores are perfectly legal but I need to stay out of them.  And now I see that my favorite convenience stores are carrying the Juuls.  *sigh*  This is a problem.


I loved them. I found them to be delicious and easy, even though the cost was pretty close to actual cigarettes, if not a bit more. Had I never read any studies on vaping or nicotine addiction I could have very well kept buying the Juul pods forever. But I did read, I did learn, and I did quit. I threw away all my Juul paraphernalia and there's no going back. Smoking is not an option and vaping is smoking.


I never had a problem going into convenience stores and seeing packs of cigarettes. I think it was because I had those few months of vaping to help me disconnect from them. But seeing those packages of Juul behind the counter stopped me in my tracks. Not gonna lie; I was severely tempted.


Here, in the Village, there are temptations I don't even know about yet. Now I know I need to be extra vigilant when I go anywhere cigarettes are sold, because they might also sell Juul pods.