Only the Lonely

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jul 10, 2018

Smokers are instant family.  Stand outside anywhere and light up and pretty soon you've got camaraderie and kinship, like-minded souls with an unbreakable bond.  Freedom, to a smoker, is the ability to blow smoke around and have no one complain about it.  


When I was working, I had a group of smoking friends.  We all went on break together, stood outside together, gossiped and laughed and had a grand ol' time.  Friends forever!  Life was great and we were great and guess how many I ever see today?


 There's a guy in one of the apartments across from me who stands outside by his car to smoke.  I've said Hello a couple of times, just passing by.  But without a cigarette in my own hand I know I wouldn't be quite welcome if I were to just walk up to him and start talking.  He'd cup his hand around the smoke and act like I'd invaded his sacred space.  Which I would have done.  His "freedom" is easily broken.


I no longer have a posse of smoking friends, nor do I stand outside infiltrating other groups of smokers.  So it's time to learn how to connect with people in other ways.  I have no wisdom to offer in this area.  Yet.  But what I DO know is that I have real freedom.  And I have actual family to get to know all over again.


Real life seems lonely sometimes, and it's understandable to long for those days of ease and welcome that being a fellow smoker brought with it.  I know I do once in awhile.  But those days were fleeting and false and superficial at best.  There's a saying I like very much that I remind myself of on days like that:


Don't look back...

You're not going that way.