Farty McFartpants and the Holistic Store

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jun 30, 2018

We arrive from the desert scorched and tired, plop down on a bench in the shade, and offer up thanks that one part of the journey is behind us.  Someone hands us a cool drink and a guidebook.  Once they leave, and no one is around, we clutch our distended bellies.  What is happening?!


So many changes occurred during withdrawal from nicotine we could barely keep track.  The fuzzy brain, the irritability, indecisiveness, headaches, lung pain of all things!  Most of that stuff went away, thank goodness.  But what's up with the gas?  Maybe the digestive system slows down, who knows?  It's embarrassing and it's uncomfortable.


There are other blogs written about this strange phenomenon, with other remedies tried.  Some work, some don't, or work for some and not others.  We remember the guidebook in our hands and start leafing through.


There's a holistic store in the Village (we're in INBETWEENERVILLE, in case you missed the sign).  They have probiotics, prebiotics, home remedies, medical texts, and an EXpert on staff.  All those blogs mentioned previously?  They're in the store!  Let's go see.  (Here's just two to start off...)


A very indelicate subject - flatulence 

Belly Bloat & Protecting Your Quit 



Personally, I've had some relief from the probiotics.  At least the pain is gone and I'm a bit more "regular."