The Boredom Factor

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jun 24, 2018

I'm all moved in!  Huzzah! I still have to go back and forth because I haven't sold the house yet, but things are progressing.


Last night was quite the challenge.  When I called last week to arrange the transfer of my internet/cable services I was told to just bring my equipment, then call to activate.  No problem!


Of course there were problems.  Long story short, I did not lose my temper at all, but it was SO boring!  I couldn't go online or watch TV.  I paced back and forth a lot, and now I have less space to pace!


Being bored is a horrible trigger for me.  When I have nothing to focus on, I think about cigarettes.  And I am now much closer to stores.  Fortunately, I am also still very lazy.


What could I do?  Well, I could take a nice, refreshing bath.  I could get in my jammies, and have chocolate ice cream.  And I could read in bed.  It was lovely.


The cable/internet technician just left and I am back online with Star Wars as background noise.  All systems functioning properly once again.


Moral of the story (for me):  I didn't have a backup plan for boredom.  Don't let that happen again!