You want me to do what, now?

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jun 8, 2018

I try.  I try very hard, in fact.  But the truth is, I am not a very patient person.  Oh I can do it when I need to.  I can "act as if" in a bunch of situations.  But dam$t don't waste my time.  And it has nothing to do with not smoking.  Okay, maybe it does just a little bit.


I'm giving away a ton of stuff as I downsize to an apartment, going from over 2,000 square feet to less than half that.  I post the items one at a time on Facebook, and  I'm happy to give to anyone who needs it.  This includes furniture that's only a couple years old.  I just won't have room, and I find selling things a huge hassle.  Anything I can't give away in this manner will eventually end up at a charity agency.


(Side note about Facebook:  Maybe sometimes we're a bit too generous in our "friending" practices.)


This woman wanted an item for a refugee family, indicating a sense of urgency about it.  Great!  Perfect!  Come get it!  Contact me using Facebook Messenger.

But no, she did not honor my request.  21 back and forth comments on the post.  She had no plan.  She was vague about who was coming to my home to pick it up. She wouldn't nail down a time.  Kept giving me someone else's phone number to call.  I'm not doing sh$t for you, honey.  If you want this so badly YOU do the work.


Okay, maybe in a past life I'd have had a bottle of wine, a pack of smokes, and been more chill about this thing.  Maybe.  We'll never know because I will not let a crazy person make me go there.


I unfriended her and let my sister-in-law (who was patiently waiting to see if anyone else wanted it) come get it.  Which she arranged promptly, because she is a not an insane person.


Moral of the story:  Someone else's needs should NEVER cause you harm.




(Also, don't waste my time being stupid.)