Dark and Stormy...Day

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on May 15, 2018

I have a TON of excuses to smoke right now.  Wanna hear 'em?  Here we go:

  • Mother's Day sucked for me
  • No offers have come in for my house yet
  • I start paying rent and mortgage simultaneously June 1
  • It's raining, cold, and foggy
  • I still have a $hit ton of stuff to do 
  • I feel discouraged and sad
  • I'm hungry and lonely

Maybe smoking will totally help with these problems!  Yeah, so instead of trying to feel better by, I don't know, eating something or drinking water or going to get some boxes or calling the insurance company, I should absolutely just go to the store and buy cigarettes.  RIGHT?


Truth is, Mother's Day always sucks for me.

My house will sell.

I've planned for the extra expenses.

Weather?  I'm gonna smoke over the weather?

I always get stuff done eventually.

So I'm discouraged right now.  So what?

I'm gonna make myself a second breakfast LOL!


In fact, I can literally do anything but smoke.  Because Smoking Is Not An Option.

Excuses are just excuses, and problems can be solved.  Accept that, and go do something else.