Be true to your teeth...

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on May 2, 2018

...or they'll be FALSE to you.  Old joke.  Had the extraction yesterday, thank goodness.  Feel much better!  While I was there, though, I asked some questions.  Like I said before I've always been blessed with strong healthy teeth.  Very few fillings, for instance.  So why the cracking?  This is my second one so far.


Anyway, my dentist told me that smoking doesn't directly affect the teeth, but it does cause damage to your gums, and contributes to bone loss.  So in effect, smoking erodes all the support your teeth need in order to stay put and do their job.


With weaker gums and less bone density in the actual tooth it's no wonder that a single popcorn kernel could take you down!  It may be a kind of boring topic, but it's a quality of life issue.  If you have bad teeth or gum disease you can't eat well.  And you won't get invited to many picnics if your cheeseburger has to go through a blender.


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