Your Relapse is My Trigger

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 24, 2018

Why?  Why would someone else's relapse be MY worst trigger?  I want to be a helpful member of the community.  I want to be able to give encouragement and be a good cheerleader.  But I have to admit to myself (and to all of you) that I have a really hard time of it after I do so.  I have encountered lots of triggers and worked through them, talked about them, been okay with them, never thought about them again.  


When YOU give yourself permission to smoke, I want to do it too.  As well as I've been doing for these past 4 months, I'm not 100% sure I'll be quit forever.  I didn't know that until today.  I commented that if I knew I had one day to live I'd go get cigarettes and smoke them all.  That's not being 100% quit.  That's not quite as stable as I'd hoped I was.


It makes me very sad.  Very, very sad.  Is this a common thing?  What can I do for myself?