Nice Weather Trigger

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 23, 2018

It's been said that at least two sets of seasons are needed to identify all the smoking triggers.  (see The Two Sets Of Seasons )  Since I quit Christmas Day last year, this is my very first Spring as a non-smoker.  I'm on the lookout for the bad guys!


Did a bunch of yard cleanup with my step daughter and her fiance, who just happen to live next door.  They both smoke.  I noticed every single time they stopped for a cigarette break.  Sometimes they didn't even stop, they just dangled the smokes from their pursed lips.  They looked ridiculous.  "Don't burn your hair!" I laughed at them.


The next day, they came for Sunday supper as usual.  We talked longer than we normally do, so they stepped outside for a quick smoke.  My step daughter asked if I minded.  "No, of course not, go ahead," said I.  And I didn't mind one bit.  For myself, that is.  I do mind that they still smoke, but it's up to them.


Today is a gorgeous day.  I went out to the porch and saw where their two cigarette butts were lying in the ashtray.  For a split second I wavered, like I was a teenager again and I'd actually pick up someone else's discarded butt and smoke it.  What?  No.  I gingerly picked them up, brought them inside, ran them under the faucet and threw them out.  Bleccchhh.