True Confession

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 16, 2018

The day before Christmas last year I used nicotine for the very last time.  I hadn't smoked cigarettes since September, but I vaped and I consider that smoking, so I didn't count that time as having quit yet.  When I ran out of vaping juice, I stopped.


I had a couple things in my favor at the time.  I was out of town for the holidays, and I'd broken the habit of using cigarettes (packs, ashes, lighters, etc.)  Because of that my first few days weren't horrible.


When I got home I found this site, and started the quit count from Christmas Day.  That actually made the biggest difference to me.  Having some accountability to actual people, and seeing the number of days build up gave me a huge incentive to keep going.  After awhile other things became important, like my sense of smell returning, and how clean my car is.


Coming here and blogging about all my temptations and how I was fighting them was REALLY huge, and kept me from going to the store so many times I lost count.  Now it's part of my morning routine:  Have coffee, watch the news, eat breakfast, check email and Facebook, get on EX and see what everyone has to say.  And this is where my True Confession comes in.


If it weren't for coming here every morning, I might never EVER think about cigarettes all day.  All. Day.  Think about that!  It's the most amazing thing I realized just today.  Because after I close up the computer and go about the rest of my day, you guys and this site and smoking in general are no where to be found in my life.


Who would have thought that was even possible?