Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 5, 2018

I've listed my house for sale and I'm actively looking for an apartment in the next county, which means I'm effectively in limbo right now.  Downsizing means a lot of sorting and discarding and reorganizing.  Whenever I'm not actively engaged in that, the restlessness takes over.  Some days I just don't feel like sorting and discarding and reorganizing and maybe the weather is crappy and I don't go outside and I just pace and pace and pace.  I've got 100 days quit, but the restlessness can become so overwhelming I think about buying cigarettes.  So while I pace and pace and pace I wait for the day to end so I can lie in bed, watch something boring on TV and drift off.  These are not good days.  The good days are when I can calm myself by crocheting.  It used to be that I'd work on and off on a blanket for about a year.  In 100 days I've made 5!