Tests, tests, tests

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 2, 2018

Holiday.  Social gathering.  Meeting new people.  Being somewhere unfamiliar and having to stay there for hours.  Can you say "social anxiety"?  


I realized that in the past I'd use cigarette breaks as a way to briefly escape social pressure.  I mentioned it to my stepdaughter and we went outside together.  She smoked; I did not.  Thought about it, but wasn't actually tempted.


My hostess (stepdaughter's boyfriend's mother ) automatically handed me a glass of wine.  I hadn't had any wine the whole time I've been a nonsmoker.  I drank it.  It did create a little smoking trigger for awhile, so I didn't have a second glass.  But again, I mentioned it and it was okay.


I find that as long as I acknowledge and talk about what's happening, I can more easily stay not smoking.  And while I think about smoking and feel the temptation sometimes, I don't really want to smoke and that's making all the difference.