Not my first rodeo

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Mar 10, 2018

Yesterday was not the first crap day I've ever had.  I actually wrote a little book once (just handwritten, for my daughter) about all the things to know about Funks.  Because they happen to everyone and there's often no reason at all.  I can't blame "not smoking" for anything; I had PLENTY of crap days while I smoked.  And usually smoked more than ever during them.  Isn't that a pleasant thought?  There I'd be, fuming or apathetic or depressed or whatever Funk du jour, simultaneously filling up the ashtray to overflowing.  So helpful.


I learned a long time ago never to fight the Funk.  When those days happen, I just have to wait them out.  I let others know what's happening, warn them to keep clear, and let time work its magic.  Chocolate helps, as does a comfy chair and blankie.  What won't help anymore is wine, unfortunately.  I haven't had a single sip of wine since quitting because I'm afraid of losing control of my vigilance.


Anyway.  No whining.  No blaming.  No fighting.  And most of all, NO SMOKING.