The Waiting Room

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Mar 1, 2018

Yesterday I faced a trigger I didn't even know I had.  Frank's Auto is tiny hole-in-the-wall mechanic's shop and used car lot where I've spent a great deal of time over the years. We're all on a first-name basis even. Tara runs the office, which is no bigger than my living room and hasn't been cleaned in about 30 years. Mark sits out there on his lunch hour and at precisely 1:00 heads back out to the shop to work on the next car. Which is usually mine because I like Mark and I know what days he works.


Anyway, yesterday I had an oil change done. Got there at 12:55, joked around with Mark, settled in on one of the dusty chairs to wait. And that's when I remembered every other time I'd been there and gone outside to smoke and pace and watch Frank show the used cars to people.  Tara sometimes throws her jacket on and goes outside, too. It would have been so easy to ask her for one.  Instead, I got my phone out and played a game.  And played it again.  


It was such an eye-opener!  It's not just at home or in the car.  And I've yet to go to a special event, like a wedding or funeral, where I've always hung out with the smokers outside.  I can see why two sets of seasons are recommended (The Two Sets Of Seasons ) for staying vigilant.  How many more memory triggers will I face from the 45 smoking years?