Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jan 24, 2018


I got this chip in the mail after requesting it from Nicotine Anonymous. My computer wasn't compatible with their online meeting setup, which led me to you guys (for which I am very grateful), but they did offer the chips. Knowing it was coming in the mail kind of helped in a weird way, because I didn't want to blow it and be disappointed when it came. So I didn't!!  And it did!! And I could not be happier.


Also in the mail this week was the reward I bought for myself to celebrate this awesome milestone:



My promise to myself (and to you guys) is that if I lose this quit - and that's a really huge IF - then I will have to also lose this ring. And I love this ring. I do NOT want to lose it, as much as I do NOT want to lose my quit.


So YAY me, YAY you, and YAY freedom!