one more day

Blog Post created by AnnaM0912 on Jan 4, 2020

Tomorrow it will be one year. One year ago today I lit my last cigarette, inhaled that sweet sweet Marlboro Red 100, and said maybe tomorrow will be my quit day. And it Was. And it has been. But damn, today has been one hell of a day.

Nine hours ago I was curling my hair to go to my god sons 10th birthday party and my almost 2 year old walked in the room. We were chatting and before I knew what happened she reached out and grabbed the hot metal end of the curling iron.

She dropped it as fast as she picked it up, and, in a panick I reached down and also grabbed the hot metal end of the curling iron with my thumb and forefinger. I manage to get the iron turned off and unplugged as my little erupts into frantic blood curdling screams, and I try not to to the same.

We tried cold water, we tried ice, we tried burn cream. I'm a kitchen trainer so I've seen my fair share of burns, and as far as burns go these looked 'superficial' to me (nothing painful looks superficial on your toddler), and I decided to take her to the ER.

I was so lucky to have my 10 year old there to help get ice and calm her sister down, but that look on her face and the tears that fell as she heard me tell my partner over the phone what needed to happen, I'll never forget that look.

After a 3 hour trip to the ER, poor thing has blisters on her thumb and first two fingers, I have instructions to keep bactine, a nonstick pad, and gauze wrapped around her tiny but fierce hands. Anyone ever try to put gauze around the hand of a defiant toddler who's favorite word is no? If you have, I'm looking for suggestions. If you haven't, don't let you toddler grab a curling iron, your life will be better lacking the experience.

Older kid is relieved sister is ok, was sent to a friends house to detox. Tiny has finally passed out, barely wrapped up and still clutching an ice pack.

Mama wants a black Russian and a pack of Marlboro 100s. I feel like a ****** mom. Who has a curling iron where there toddler can get it? What the hell was I thinking? Also, that ER trip is gonna cost me a pretty penny, if she is fine shouldn't I have just treated her at home?

Never had a day harder than the day before my one year, and I'm grateful to not have a way to get cigarettes right now.