Checking in on a hard day...

Blog Post created by Ann007 on Oct 1, 2019

Hey all! I am having an especially hard day today (on day 12 of quit) and all I can think about it vaping. I think it’s because I read a news story this morning about how they are blaming all the lung problems on the THC cartridges and not the nicotine ones. Now I find myself thinking that it’s maybe okay once and a while but I know that’s not possible. I’m right where I was on my last quit (a few months ago/day 9 of quit) when I let myself vape one evening per week and it took me 3-5 weeks to be going full steam again, and then another 5-6 weeks to get myself to quit again. You all have been so supportive and helpful but I really feel like I’m going to break. Feels like I’m only writing this because I’ve read folks saying here to please blog before you give up. Other than that, I hope you are all having a great day. Oh, and one more thing... today is my 57th birthday so now I feel extremely crazy for feeling the way I do. Tempted to not post this but I’ll give it a go. Publish.