Devil on my shoulder

Blog Post created by Ann007 on Sep 26, 2019

Bargaining. That's where I'm at now. Still nicotine free 6 days 23 hours 2 minutes. Caught myself a few times today wondering if I could just secretly vape for one hour/wk (which I know does not work because I have unsuccessfully tried it before), or just the week I'm off on vacation/home alone, or only in the car going/coming from work, etc. I've read about the devil on your shoulder & he's been staring me down. I've pushed him away for now. I've been busying myself by reading lots of posts, blogs, and articles. I finally just decided that I could not figure out forever right now, and that I just need to take this one moment, minute, hour, day. It helps knowing that you guys are here & that I'm not alone in my fears, struggles, questions, doubts, etc. I know that each time I defeat the cravings I am winning. Each day a new beginning!