Day 2 Juul Free

Blog Post created by Ann007 on Sep 21, 2019

Feeling good & have had very few cravings even though I’ve been doing a pod/day for a year. Just had to get mad at that thing & all the marketing/brainwashing behind it. I’m so glad to be slowly getting out of the habit of checking my pocket every time I stand up to make sure it’s there! I feel much different right now than when I “quit” a couple of months ago but continued to use it one night/week (only night my house was empty & I could use it without hiding). Back then I felt like I was losing something that I enjoyed. Now I feel like I am only losing something that was taking away my health, confidence in myself, and my money. And I hated always thinking about it and when/where I could sneak it. I feel more present now. Instead of missing it, I actually feel glad that I am never going to have to deal with it again. I just hope me writing this may encourage someone else or give them hope that it is possible. Hope everyone has a great weekend!