19 hours 5 min!

Blog Post created by Ann007 on Sep 20, 2019

Happy Friday! I last vaped around 10pm last night so I could wake up with a few hours under my belt this morning. It's around 5pm here in beautiful SC & I'm still feeling good & strong. Big win for me today! Just getting going feels like half the battle. I must say that taking some time alone yesterday and rereading parts of Allen Carr's Easy Way book really tilted the scale, because I was really struggling with whether I wanted to do this today. Right now my love affair with my Juul stuff is done. And I hate that expertly marketed/designed little crack pipe that has cost me well over $2500 this year in pods and hospital bills (for intense chest pains/racing heart) about 5-6 weeks ago. I feel like that thing has taken way more from me than I ever got out of it. I'm just taking it one moment at a time today, so who knows how I'll feel tomorrow but today I feel absolutely fabulous. And I really appreciate everyone who has offered advice and support to me the last few days. You are all angels! Ann