My Hope

Blog Post created by Anitacandothis62 on Jan 11, 2018

 I cut my smoking down to 4 to 6 cigs a day then went on Chatix and quit in a week, I even have made it through everything with Rick and so far have done supper. I still crave one sometimes, I just grab for a peppermint and I'm good to go. I feel so much better I even hate the smell it is weird I thought for sure I wouldn't make it but through God and my Son's and Grand-baby's they all look at me with so much love and need me that's what has stopped me from making that bad decision. I am so glad  I have so much strength in my faith it pulls me through so much and this place is the place I come to and read others and their stories and it makes me understand I am not alone in this huge life change Thank You so very much for this place we all call OUR EX COMMUNITY. Okay while i'm on here I will give you an update on my son. We went to  the Dr. Well we made it to Little Rock yesterday and we have news about what to expect, Rick will be able to walk just not very good, He will develop arthritis in his pelvis and hip he may need another surgery on his hip, so things are going to be difficult but he is ALIVE and I pray God heals this for him so he won't be in the kind of pain he will endure. We still have not heard nothing from the VA. about his disability and have been told to file for his SS. to get it going as well.  I seen the X Rays yesterday the right side of his pelvis and hip was crushed and the Dr pointed out what was going on, it looked bad compared to the other side, so well we will see I guess. Mean time I am very Thankful that I don't have the expense of buying cigarettes any more.