Blog Post created by Anitacandothis62 on Dec 10, 2017

I am going through a lot of emotion this weekend and I have yelled and cried so hard I feel like I just need to find that place just for me out in the woods alone, and just cry I mad because we don't have a vehicle and it's my fault because I choose to go for cheaper Insurance what a dummy,. Why did my truck break down a week before my son's car wreck why did he lose control of the car. I almost lost my son and I should be so happy, but I feel angry and sad so sad. Sorry I will quit this boohoo train I put myself on lol have a blessed day and please pray for me................... I gave him a haircut and shave the other day. he was so happy to get in the shower. It is a little sketchy going using a lift and a shower chair, but we got him in there