Blog Post created by Anitacandothis62 on Dec 5, 2017

You know the more I do, and go through it seem's that my cravings are going away, not quite sure as to why, but I think God is in control right now and he has taken my burden away.  He has given me strength that I was sure was used up. I hope this feeling stays with me.. .... OH guess what I just found out that my Niece's Husband was stabbed to death this morning about 3:30am wow really what is going on. I know things can get kinda crazy around this time of year but really this is just unbelievable truly, First my pickup breaks down { the only vehicle we have now, }  then my son getting in a car wreck and tried to rearrange is bones in his hole body, Then my Niece calls and tells us that her Husband was murdered, and the kicker to this story is my younger son { my troubled child } is feeling sad and depressed so bad that he actually is taking medication for it. Well when it rains it poor's. hahah that reminds me we had our Annual Christmas Parade last night and an hour later we were having a Tornado warning with the sirens going off