Blog Post created by Anitacandothis62 on Dec 2, 2017

Okay I guess this a bad time to try and get any kind of help.n Ricky is at home and they are doing there very best to get all the help he needs this is been a very trying time for he and I, we are financially stricken because of every thing that has gone on I have little income not enough to pay rent this month. we will not even think about gifts for anyone as we can't afford them and I believe God has given me the best gift of all his Son and Mine. S o if you can find it in your heart to Donate just know it will go to a good cause. His medicine is not free he has copay's, also I have no way to get my medicine I owe my pharmacy over 100$ I can only do so much. I am not feeling very steady any more all the stress and stuff is really getting to me I'm trying to hang on Lord we need a miracle in our lives, love hope strength, poor out your love Lord upon us as we trust in only you to make everything great again we love you Lord in JESUS precious name AMEN . we need help I am about to give up