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MY SON'S LIFE AFTER HIS CAR WRECK { "DON'T SPEED"}                                                                                                                                  Rick is doing better, as for you that wonder what i may being referring to, well he wrecked my car on his way home from work. now I would like to express my way of thinking on this. I believe in God my Father and his awesome son Jesus, they just happened to be on duty in AR. on hwy 23 because as my son was driving home from work, his tire on the R. hit the side of the pavement and the ditch was gummy because it had been raining that day. Any way it pulled him into the ditch, as he tried to get the car out, he hit a culvert which sent him into a roll over. As he rolled over and over he finally was set onto the ditch . wow how did that happen,well it was the loving hands of our Heavenly Father no doubt in my mind...Then if that was n't enough we get to little Rock AR. WE find out that he has a broken neck 7  places, broken L.knee,  broken L. scapula,a broken Lumbar, a broken hip and hip ball joint{that had to be rebuilt} and so did this, his pelvis was crushed. Now think about what I would like to tell you. My beautiful Son did not have one damaged organ or vital, or not one laceration no stitches needed. Okay some pretty nail biting surgery's that took forever, the first one his neck I didn't think I was going to see him. They took him in at 1 pm- and he did't get back until 1:30 AM. that is a long day for any one but specially for the patient and the Mom waiting and praying. The DR'S were amazing so good about giving me updates. The next one came on Mon.6th pelvis, then Wens.8th pelvis then Fri.10th hip well the next few days we just tried to rest and start the process  of coming home. A lot to do as he is a Army Veteran and if you ever had to deal with all the red tape you know what I'm talking about. So on Nov 17th we got to come home. We have a long way to go but he is ALIVE and he will WALK again someday, and we will be ready for what ever comes our way. I love my Son Rick so much and I am very proud of my Army Solider, he served 2 terms in Iraq. Do you know? other then having PTSD, Dispersion, TBI, he came back scratched up but not BROKEN. I believe God just might have a plan for this young man.                                                                                                                                                                                              From a Loving and forever      PS. I have not SMOKED through this hole ordeal      Grateful  Mom