Ok Day 8......I Got This

Blog Post created by Angie_machado on Jul 28, 2017

Okay, day 8 and you know what?  I'm feeling pretty darn great today.  I have a busy day of deliveries so that will keep me busy.  I love reading old blogs but I feel sad that a lot of people are no longer here or no longer post.  I'm talking about people who had\have a few months under their belt.  Where did they go?  Think they went back to smoking?  They have written very powerful blogs, blogs where I learned something from them.  As a newbie I need all of your thoughts, tips, tricks and a harsh talking to.  I try to follow the elders or people and people I can relate to.  So if you find me following you, don't think I'm stalking I just think that your blog is helpful and I can relate to your story.  Please follow me too. I'm not struggling today like yesterday thank heavens.  


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